A better way to send money

The first meme coin running on Tezos as a FA2 asset. Mucho wow, very DeFi.


You can send some Tacoz to your favourite asset management company at the Cayman Islands in the matter of seconds. Tax free.


Tacoz is decentralized, no one can get access to your hard earned Tacoz. Not even the IRS

Transfers are instant and cheap

You dont have to worry about gas fees or delayed transactions. Tezos guarantees cheap and almost instant transactions.


Enjoy a stress-free and open-minded Tacoz.cash community. Feel free to join our Discord and Telegramn groups.

Participate in the Tacoz NFT art project

We are distributing free Tacoz to everyone who partipates in our crowdsourced NFT art project. Read more about it in our Discord.


Q2 | Tacoz launches and presale starts.

Tacoz is born and first Tacoz are sold to pre-sale investors. Limited to 3000XTZ cap.


Q2-Q3 | Staking contracts finalized.

Staking for Quipuswap liquidity providers is now available. First DeFi yield farm on Tezos.


Q3 | Games, distribution and more

Simple ponzi games launch that will utilize Tacoz as native token. Secret NFT art contest will be held.


Q4 | Listing on even more exchanges

Listing on Coingecko and even more DEX'es in the Tezos ecosystem.

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